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The Belfast Hills - Slievenacloy

The Belfast Hills - Slievenacloy

Slievenacloy or Sliabhna Cloiche - ‘townland of the stone’ is a valley tucked away between the Belfast hills. It's now a nature reserve managed by the Ulster Wildlife Trust, but in the past seems to have been an important sacred area with 8 burial monuments recorded as once having stood here.

Not a busy place at all, only bumped into a few other walkers. Mostly grassland with a great view of Lough Neagh and the Sperrins at the top of the hill.

Park the car at the side of the road, great views of Divis and Black Mountain to the North. All in all it's a really lovely walk with no real difficulty, bit marshy in the fields.

The Route

Divis and Black Mountain

Beautiful views of Lough Neagh and the Sperrins when you rise over the hill. Then walk back down towards the valley and the Stoneyford river.

Earth ring at the foot of the. hill

At the bottom of the hill towards the Stoneyford river is an earth ring. It is not circular enough to be an Early Christian rath. There have been suggestions ranging from a prehistoric earthwork to a 17th century artillery fort. A board states that they are pretty positive the place has been inhabited for 4,000 years so who knows hey?

Back up the hill past a ruined 18th century cottage, pass a burial mound then back to the car. The townland of the stone doesn't disappoint.